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JMLED : Smart Hub


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Product description
1. What is a gateway?
Gateway is the “Brain Center” of Smart Home Devices, sending instructions
by mobile phone, through the gateway, to achieve remote control of smart
home devices, to achieve intelligent linkage between products;
2. What does this gateway do?
This gateway can be connected to the surrounding Bluetooth BLE devices,
and then achieve remote management;
3. What are the features of this gateway?
(1) Support Two kinds of Bluetooth + WIFI communication protocol, one
gateway can realize Bluetooth and WIFI
Interconnection and interworking of different protocol devices;
(2) APP remote control, everything is under control;
(3) the Bluetooth Gateway Supports All Bluetooth devices that are
HomeLinking, as long as they are added to the same HomeLinking account,
added to the same home, and are automatically connected as long as they
are within the transmission range of the Bluetooth Signal;
(4) the intelligent linkage device in the home, realizes the Bluetooth device
remote control, the voice control.





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